Free tennis: obtaining the program

Currently, Free Tennis is only available as source code. You'll have to download it, then compile it.

(An ebuild for gentoo seems to be available here)

Downloading the source code

There are two ways to get the source code: the latest official release and the CVS repository. The version in CVS usually has more features, and it might have more, as well as fewer, bugs than the official source release. To discover which version is best for you, consult the two changelogs in the home page, which show the difference between the CVS version and the latest official release.

Official source release

The latest source release is available here.

Latest snapshot - CVS

To get the latest source code, you must use a program called CVS. Under GNU/linux, just install CVS, which comes with most distributions, then open a terminal and copy&paste this text:
cvs -z3 checkout freetennis

This will create a directory called freetennis in your current directory, and put the source code in it.

Compiling the source code

Instructions for compiling (and info about the required dependencies) are available here.

The compilation was tested under Ubuntu GNU/Linux and Debian Sarge GNU/Linux, but it should be possible to compile under Windows, since portable libraries have been used.