Older News 

15 nov 2005. The changelog from 0.3.7 to 0.3.15 is finally available. The reason for the delay is a problem with Sourceforge.

The manual was updated to reflect recent changes.

14 nov 2005. Version 0.3.15 released. With respect to 0.3.7, there was a major AI improvement which affects gameplay, and many other improvements and bugfixes.

Previously today, I released 0.3.14, which had some bugs and was soon replaced. If you downloaded that one, please upgrade.

The full changelog should appear in a few hours (as soon as Sourceforge synchronizes).

10 nov 2005. Version 0.3.7 released. Major bugfixes, some of which affect gameplay. The changelog for 0.3.7 should be available in a few hours. A precompiled executable is included in the tar.bz2.

9 nov 2005. Version 0.3.5 released. Minor bugfixes, minor gameplay improvements, and a new camera logic. The camera height can now be moved up and down freely, with the keys "I" and "K" respectively. See changelog for more details.

A precompiled binary is now included in the tar.bz2 archive, in case you have troubles compiling.

8 nov 2005. Version 0.3 released. Major gameplay changes and major bugfixes. See changelog for details.

Updated the FAQ.

7 nov 2005. Today I made some sparring with a friend of mine, via LAN, and discovered some major flaws in gameplay. Mostly this is about drop volleys being too easy, and passing shots and dives being too difficult. These problems have been fixed now. See the changelog to know how exactly.

Some crash was fixed too. 

These improvements are already in CVS (or will be in a few hours). See the changelog for the full list.

The FAQ was also updated with some hints for newbies.

4 nov 2005. Version 0.2 released. See the changelog for the list of improvements.

Added a FAQ page.

Please use the forum for feedback and questions of general interest, so they remain for future reference.

3 nov 2005. There are some major changes in CVS. See the changelog. 

If you were not able to compile the game, it might be because some dependencies were missing from the instructions. I have updated the install.txt file.

I still need to test the network game and tune-up the gameplay. In order to do it, I need volunteers to play with me via netplay. Please contact me. Do it!

1 nov 2005. The version in CVS has a complete score system (does not crash on tiebreak, and displays games). See the download page for instructions how to get the CVS version.

Added the changelog, which shows the difference between versions.

31 oct 2005. Version 0.1 released. The computer AI is quite developed and playable, but not yet finished. The computer does not aim service and is a bit repetitive.

In human-vs-human mode, however, the game is very enjoyable.